The legend of COACH

In 1941, COACH was born in New York, USA. At the beginning of its establishment, COACH adopted a family-run workshop model, which was run by six masters from the leather family in a loft in Manhattan, New York, USA. They produced a series of exquisite leather products. It is said that replica coach bags founder Miles Cahn was inspired by a softball glove. While watching a softball game, he was surprised to find that the softball gloves have the smoother and softer characteristics of the softer, so he carefully studied the production technology and specially treated the leather products to make them softer and more wear-resistant. Not easy to fade. And after a simple damp cloth wipe, the leather products can be brand new and bright. This has enabled COACH to set the tone for the pursuit of superior quality and practical materials from the very beginning.
Under the design of the master craftsman, fake COACH bags has always maintained the spirit of pursuing a high level of craftsmanship. Each of its products condenses the efforts of every cobbler master. Just as many luxury brands are going through a period of “Nirvana” in development, COACH is no exception. In the 1990s, COACH encountered a “bottleneck” in its brand development. In the period when advertising information expanded rapidly, luxury brands such as LV and Prada began to shape their brand image with visualized and iconic designs, thus vying for the ever-changing market. Because COACH cannot establish a unique brand identity, its sales are increasingly divided by other luxury brands. Until 1995, Frank F. became the chairman and CEO of COACH, and the development of COACH began to turn around. Frankfair believes that “in modern society where material wealth is rich and information is developed, quality and functionality alone cannot meet the needs of modern consumers. Consumers are more concerned about and pursuing whether the product is portable, whether it is beautiful or not.” ‘demand”. Starting from this concept, COACH under the leadership of the new designer Reed-Krakow, carries out gradual innovation, in pursuit of interesting, fashionable and lightweight spirit, COACH has returned to the consumer’s vision. By the end of 2006, COACH has become a leader in fashion brands.

Up to now, COACH has always adhered to the unique American design style, exquisite craftsmanship technology and thoughtful and meticulous service, which is also the foundation of its market standing. COACH has more than 200 specialty stores in the United States. At the same time, it has opened stores in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China and many other countries and regions around the world. Among them, COACH attaches great importance to the huge development potential of the Chinese market and invests a large amount of money to promote its brands and products worldwide. Many artists at home and abroad, such as Madonna, Julia-Roberts, etc.